I’ve been known to go through phases where I’m obsessed with random things.  When I’m in a “phase”, I usually can’t stop buying things.  Here are just a couple things that I’ve been obsessed with in 2011…

Obsession #1: Vera Bradley

From top (clockwise): Weekender in Very Berry Paisley; Villager in Call Me Coral; Large Cosmetic in Buttercup; Kiss and Make Up in Buttercup; Zip ID Case in Mod Floral Pink; Turn Lock Wallet in Call Me Coral, Super Tote (discontinued) in Mod Floral Pink

Not pictured: All in One Wristlet in Carnaby

Vera Bradley was one of my worst obsessions, and it doesn’t help that they send me emails almost every day!  I’ve got a long wishlist on their website and my bank account is going to be pissed at me the next time Vera Bradley has $5 shipping.

Obsession #2: BPA-free reusable to-go cups

These cups are awesome.  They’re double walled, so they don’t sweat and get condensation all over.  I also love that they keep ice cold for hours…literally hours!  AND there’s a little stopper on the bottom of the straw so it doesn’t get pulled out of the cup.  Pretty nifty.  You can get these at Wal-Mart for $5-$10, but so far my collection features some of my favorite places :)

You can bet that I’ll have a new obsession to share with you soon! What are some of your obsessions?

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