Piercings, Stefanie, and The Mark

No crafting for me today (although I did get some cute organizing jars for my craft supplies!).  Today I went to South Bend to see my lovely friend Stefanie.  Her 21st birthday was last week and today I was finally able to celebrate with her!

Isn’t she classy?

I love, love, love the artwork at the restaurant we went to!

Before I met up with Stefanie, I had to go to Barnes & Noble to get a children’s book for my cousin’s baby shower.  I came across this book and fell in love with it…I might have to go back and buy it for my future daughter!

After dinner, I was feeling spontaneous and decided that it was time for a new piercing!  Joel at Stillhouse Tattoo & Piercing was super nice and professional.  I’ll definitely be going back!

Still trying to find some inspiration for my next project.  Any suggestions?

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3 Comments to “Piercings, Stefanie, and The Mark”

  1. The photo of Stefanie is super cute, I love the colors (and scarves!). Happy belated bday, Stefanie!

    Spontaneous piercings, how fun!

  2. I seriously love that art! Do you happen to know the name of the artist?

  3. Misty-

    The artist’s name is Bruce Langton! You can see more of his artwork and read his bio at http://www.mbfineart.com/artistart.php?at=BruceLangton

    Aren’t the guitars awesome?!

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