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July 31, 2011

Yummy Dinner for Two

Since Jonathan took me out to dinner and a movie on Friday, I thought I’d make him dinner last night.  I’m no Rachael Ray {I have plenty of embarrassing kitchen stories to prove it} but the dinner turned out pretty tasty!  I found the recipe via Pinterest, which took me to this blog post. Here’s the recipe I used for pepperoni pizza puffs {I altered it a bit from the original recipe}:

  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
  • 3/4 cup skim milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1 cup pepperoni (sliced into quarters)
  • 1/2 cup pizza sauce
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees and grease muffin pan {the recipe calls for a mini-muffin tin, but I used a regular sized muffin pan}.  In a large bowl, mix together flour, baking powder, and Italian seasoning.  Then add the milk and lightly-beaten egg.  Stir in the mozzarella, Parmesan, and pepperoni and let the mixture sit for 10 minutes.
  2. Stir the batter and divide into muffin pan {my mixture made 10 muffins}.  Bake until puffy and golden, about 20-25 minutes.
  3. Microwave the pizza sauce until warm and serve with the puffs for dipping.


Fettuccine in Parmesan sauce was the side dish {don’t be too impressed, it was a mix :)}

We had strawberry shortcake for dessert!  It was a great dinner, and I think Jonathan was pretty impressed that I didn’t burn my house down ;)

July 31, 2011

Happy Shark Week!

Shark Week is my favorite week of the entire year.  I’m actually terrified of sharks, but I think they are the coolest animal.

{These pictures are from the Shark Week website}

{via Etsy}

How are you celebrating Shark Week 2011?  What’s your favorite kind of shark?

July 28, 2011

More Vera Bradley!

Look what came in the mail today!

Yes, I ripped the box in my excitement…

Vera Bradley student agendas!  {In Mocha Rouge for me and Plum Petals for Annie}

Isn’t it wonderful?  I’m so excited for school to start so I can use it every day :)

July 27, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Monday was Jonathan’s dad’s birthday and somehow I got stuck making the cake.  I’m definitely not complaining, but Jonathan asked me to “help” and then I ended up doing the whole thing.  Silly boy.

Here’s the finished product: a yellow cake with butter cream frosting.  I’m not much of a cake person but this was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself!  I’m not exactly the Cake Boss, but I thought it turned out pretty cute :)

Speaking of cakes, look what I found at Kohl’s today.  All of the Babycakes products!  Remember when I discovered this wonderful invention in my Pinterest post?  Well, here it is in the flesh!  They look so cool…I want them all.

July 27, 2011

Happy birthday, Pops!

This morning Jonathan and I went to South Bend so he could get some comics.  On the way there he started to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! FINALLY.  I wish I could have gotten a picture…it was so momentous.

On our way home it started pouring.  The clouds looked so cool, so of course I had to snap some pictures.  I don’t suggest trying to take pictures and drive at the same time {unless of course you have someone to hold the wheel for you, like I did!}.  Seriously though, it’s probably not a great idea.

Also, happy 50th birthday to my daddy! I don’t see him very often, but tonight we went to dinner to celebrate the big 5-0.

Here’s the sweet deep-fryer Jonathan and I gave him…because who doesn’t like fried food?!

We had some yummy sausage and black olive pizza at Roma’s.  My favorite part of the outing was getting Domo stickers out of the sticker machine :)

Tonight, Jonathan and I watched Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds.  It’s about an American truck driver who is buried alive in a coffin by Iraqi terrorists.  I definitely do not recommend it to anyone…it was a little too much for me to handle.  Have you seen it?  If so, what did you think?

July 25, 2011

Top 5 – July 25

1.) Fishbowl bookends from Wrapables

2.) Quidditch World Cup 2014 poster

3.) Cute haircut

4.) Yoda dog. Can I PLEASE have this?!

5.) Stenciled mugs. Definitely making these sometime in the near future.

July 20, 2011

Things To Do When You’re Sad

Just found this cute list of things to do when you’re sad on Pinterest.  I’ll have to keep this in mind the next time I’m feeling blue.

Things I would add to this list:

What would you add to the list?

Tonight we’re going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 again.  I’m excited to see it a second time because the first time I had to explain to Jonathan and Abby what was going on, plus I was pretty emotional.  Maybe I’ll put on one of my mini dark mark temporary tattoos :)

July 19, 2011


I’ve been known to go through phases where I’m obsessed with random things.  When I’m in a “phase”, I usually can’t stop buying things.  Here are just a couple things that I’ve been obsessed with in 2011…

Obsession #1: Vera Bradley

From top (clockwise): Weekender in Very Berry Paisley; Villager in Call Me Coral; Large Cosmetic in Buttercup; Kiss and Make Up in Buttercup; Zip ID Case in Mod Floral Pink; Turn Lock Wallet in Call Me Coral, Super Tote (discontinued) in Mod Floral Pink

Not pictured: All in One Wristlet in Carnaby

Vera Bradley was one of my worst obsessions, and it doesn’t help that they send me emails almost every day!  I’ve got a long wishlist on their website and my bank account is going to be pissed at me the next time Vera Bradley has $5 shipping.

Obsession #2: BPA-free reusable to-go cups

These cups are awesome.  They’re double walled, so they don’t sweat and get condensation all over.  I also love that they keep ice cold for hours…literally hours!  AND there’s a little stopper on the bottom of the straw so it doesn’t get pulled out of the cup.  Pretty nifty.  You can get these at Wal-Mart for $5-$10, but so far my collection features some of my favorite places :)

You can bet that I’ll have a new obsession to share with you soon! What are some of your obsessions?

July 18, 2011

Another Rummage Sale and Oreo Pops

Usually, I’m one to sleep in until 10:30 but today I woke up at 8 to go to my elementary school’s annual enormous rummage sale.  Seriously, it was HUGE.

Vanishing Acts {Jodi Picoult}, Eat, Pray, Love {Elizabeth Gilbert}, and The Pact {Jodi Picoult}.  All in great condition and only 50 cents each!

Jonathan found some action figures for his enormous collection {I’ll save that for another post} and I also found a cute little game called In a Pickle.  I always see it when I go to Target but never wanted to spend the money on it.  Well, this one is barely used and only cost me $3!

After the rummage sale I really wanted to do some kind of indoor activity since it was so hot outside today.  I found a fantastic recipe for Oreo cake pops on Pinterest {thanks to a little delightful} so we went to the store and bought Oreos, cream cheese, and almond bark.

All I had to do was crush up 2 rows of the Oreo cookies and mix them with a small package of cream cheese.  They are seriously delicious but super rich.  After the balls were formed, I put the lollipop sticks in them {as instructed} and let them chill in the fridge for about 20 minutes.  Then, we melted the almond bark and covered the pops with it using a spoon.

My cake pops turned out so ugly…I was sad.  But then I ate one and felt a little better.

Here’s the picture from a little delightful’s blog.  Seriously, how did she get hers to look so perfect?  If anyone can help me out, I’ll repay you in Oreos ;)

What I’ll do different next time:

  • Buy shorter lollipop sticks
  • Make the balls a little bit bigger
  • Put the lollipop sticks in the balls with candy coating on the end of the stick, that way the pop won’t fall off the stick when I’m trying to frost it

Any other suggestions?  If you’ve mastered the perfect cake pop, please tell me your secret!

July 17, 2011

How Pinteresting

I got a Pinterest account the other day and I am officially obsessed!  Here are some of my favorite Pinterest finds so far:

A cakepop maker?!  Shut the front door.  You can buy this genius invention here.

My future home will have a luxurious window seat just like this.  Perfect for reading or an extra guest bed! (Unfortunately, the link to this picture is broken)

This turquoise bathroom is fantastic.

Aren’t these bookmarks gorgeous?